Item no. : CT-30g,-208
TRUE TEA (Chinese Tea) : Imperial Kuding Cha
Qty. per 2 cups (500 ml) :
6 g.
Water temp. :
95 °c
Steeping time :
2 - 4 mins.
Origins & history :
South China - Imported tea ; Traditional Chinese herbal longevity and health tea, long leaf rolled into a stick.
Tasting notes :
A bitter sweet liquor of greenish color, can be steeped multiple times.
Health benefits & additional info :
In traditional Chinese medicine Kuding Cha was famous for its many uses and it is popular still for ailments such as disperse wind-heat, get rid of inflammation, resolve toxin, improve digestion and improve focus and memory, calming fidgetiness, alleviating the common cold, clearing the head and rhinitis, itching eyes, headaches, alleviating  sinusitis, dispersing  catarrh and treating bronchitis.

It's recommended to steep tea with a covered teapot, for the first and second brewing. Increase temperature and time for further brews & to brew for three to five times only.
CS Ching Siyn Varieties : Oolong No.17
CC Ching Ching Varieties : Oolong No.15
CH Ching Huan Varieties : Oolong No.12
BOPF Broken Orange Pekoe Fine
BOP Broken Orange Pekoe
RL Rolled leaf
SH Siamese Highland
T Passed our lab test
ThO Thai organic approved supplier