Item no. : HT-XX001
HERBAL TEA : Cooling & Soothing
The most refreshing of our blends, also the most suitable to serve chilled or as Ice Tea, a slightly sour flavor balanced with shades of Hibiscus and Kaffirlime With the soothing effects of Chrysanthemum.
Item no. : HT-XX002
HERBAL TEA : Aromatic Lemon & Lime
The fragrance of Kaffirlimes and Lemongrass create a digestive tea that is refreshing at the same time.
Item no. : HT-XX003
HERBAL TEA : Scent of the Forest
Wild crafted Blossoms and Leaves- like a stroll through a pine forest in springtime, a scented calming mixture, the right tea to forget life in the big city.
Item no. : HT-XX004
HERBAL TEA : Elegant Fruit & Spice Bouquet
Carefully sun dried fruit with a blend of herbs and spices, this tea will give you a warm holiday feeling, just like in a cozy setting around a fireplace. More suited for the cooler days.
Item no. : HT-XX005
HERBAL TEA : Chamomile
A wonderful Traditional Herbal Remedy, probably the best bedtime tea, good after a rich dinner, it will soothe your stomach and induce calm sleep.
Item no. : HT-XX006
HERBAL TEA : Peppermint (Naturally Grown-Leaf only)
Peppermint is the perfect drink throughout the day. In the morning will give you strength and energy, during lunch it soothes the stomach and helps you cope with colic, and in the evening – it is pleasant to relax before bedt
Item no. : HT-XX007
HERBAL TEA : Hibiscus & Lemongrass
Don't over steep, it'll get bitter. Can add a couple of cloves and a little piece of cinnamon bark to it. can be drunk warm or cold, in summer store in the fridge.
Item no. : HT-XX008
HERBAL TEA : Ginger Tea
it has pungent flavor, mild, warm properties, some extra ingredients like lemon, honey and orange can improve the taste of ginger tea.
Item no. : HT-XX009
HERBAL TEA : Classic Chai (Spices tea)
Classic Chai is based on black tea with various herbs & spices. Though they act synergistically to increase each other’s benefits, the separate botanical components have powerful health benefits on their own.
Item no. : HT-XX010
HERBAL TEA : Herbal Chai (Herbal - no caffeine)
Herbal Chai is similar to Classic Chai, above, but without black tea / caffeine. It's based on Mulberry leaf, which is used to treat a variety of health issues including colds, high blood pressure, and diabetes.
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